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500 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158    |    Open from 6pm to 2am 



About Our Wines & Cigars

Eleven years now in pursuit of cigars and wine, or as we say,


I taste about 200 different wines a month to find what eventually

fills our shelves. At last count there are over 350 labels, from serious wine growing

areas around the world. My credo is that every wine has to be special in

some way and has to drink better than its price. We’re in the process of expanding our

seating capacity to emphasis the fact that WE DRINK HERE. Maybe we’re the last

analog business left in this town overrun by big corporate entities. People talk to each

other here, whether or not they know each other. There is an easy informal familiarity

permeating the air.


Cigars. Our identity. We carry the finest premium cigars in the world. Brands like Padron,

Fuente, Oliva, La Flor Dominicana, Ernesto (EPC) Carrillo – cigar of the year, and many, many

more. There’s always someone around to talk cigars. They’re probably the modern day peace pipe.

The time to smoke a cigar is your time; maybe the only slice of the day you can call your own.

It’s better with someone else- the cigar tastes better, especially paired with wine or any one of our

28 craft beers. Did I mention,we carry craft beers too?


Come experience the good life with us.

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